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4 Ways to Tell if Your Bathrooms Aren’t Really Clean

Last Updated on September 6, 2023 by Michael Smith

With today’s modern businesses combined with heavy foot traffic, one area of concern for all commercial business owners is the cleanliness of their public and employee restrooms. It should come as no big surprise that if your restrooms are not up to par, you can lose sales and even repeat customers.

When it comes to bathrooms, sometimes things are not as clean as you think as there are many hidden forms of bacteria and pathogens. Dirt can sometimes hide itself depending on the type of commercial bathroom floor you have and the color of the materials used; therefore, it’s always best to conduct a business restroom cleaning.

Let’s keep reading to discover more about the best Tucson janitorial services in Arizona and the four ways to tell if your commercial bathrooms aren’t really clean.


4 Tips for Knowing if Your Commercial Bathrooms Are Clean or Not

Since restrooms are the busiest room in your commercial building, they require the most attention. While employee efforts do help, they don’t always do the best job. Therefore, for most business owners, deploying a business restroom cleaning service is the best way to go.

Here are four tips for keeping your public restrooms in tip-top shape:


toilet cleaning | SBMTip #1: Look for the Unseen

More often than not, many things go unnoticed by the human eye but if you look for the unseen things, you will find many areas that can use a good commercial bathroom cleaning. Look under toilet seats, behind toilets, under sink faucet handles and spouts, and under the bathroom sink itself. This is where Tucson janitorial services come into play.


Tip # 2: Using the Same Equipment

A common mistake among most businesses is using the same equipment that is used for cleaning other areas of your commercial space such as wet mops used for cleaning your kitchen floors and other area unrelated to the restroom. You should change wet mop heads or keep mop buckets separate as well as change the mop heads.


Tip #3: Use Disinfectants Properly

While disinfectants are great solutions for killing bacteria and germs, they do not work as well as cleaning solutions for removing grime and dirt. You should use proper cleaning solutions before you use the disinfectant agents. Additionally, let the disinfectant solutions sit for 5-10 minutes, do not immediately wipe it off.


Tip #4: Conduct Your Own Inspection

One way to tell if your commercial bathroom is clean is to conduct your own inspection. Look at light switches, under trash cans, behind doors in the corner, and other areas that most people wouldn’t think to look at. Tucson janitorial services at Southwest Building Maintenance takes care of all of these nooks and crannies.

restroom cleaning services | Southwestern Building Maintenance With that said, there are some other obvious warning signs that your business could use a good restroom cleaning. While some may laugh at these warning signs, it happens in more places of business than most people realize.

Here are 15 warning signs that could indicate the need for a business restroom cleaning:

  1. Excessive trash is stacking up
  2. Door handles and around them is dirty
  3. Countertops are dirty and wet with fingerprints and soap scum
  4. Bathroom stalls have not been cleaned out
  5. Stainless steel fixtures are cloudy with visible fingerprints
  6. Mirrors are dirty with visible signs of soap and water spots
  7. Bathroom sinks contain visible mineral deposits, dirt, and soil
  8. Soap dispensers are out or near empty
  9. Partition walls contain graffiti and look dirty
  10. Hand towels are all over the floor
  11. Urinals and toilets have dirt and grime build up around the handle and hardware
  12. The grout in your ceramic tiles looks grimy and dirty
  13. Floor drains contain grime and hair and mop head particles
  14. Your bathroom floors do not shine and look less than acceptable
  15. There’s an odor coming from the floor drains or toilets

There are many reasons why commercial restroom cleaning services are needed but the biggest reason for utilizing Tucson bathroom cleaners is your customers and employees.


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