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Cleaning to Impress: The Impact of Janitorial Services and Your Business Image

Last Updated on October 5, 2023 by Michael Smith

A clean, tidy, and well-maintained facility makes a good impression on your clients, customers, and employees. Alternatively, an unkempt and dirty environment can negatively affect your image in front of others. Therefore, it is crucial to hire commercial office cleaners to help you enhance your business image.

Outsourcing the commercial hard floor care and cleaning task to a trusted commercial office cleaning company can save time and money. Besides, employers can boost their employees’ productivity at the workplace by providing them with a clean and tidy environment. This action makes your employees and customers both happy.

However, business owners wonder whether janitorial services and office cleaners are the same. Let’s keep reading to discuss the impact of janitorial services and your business image.

What is the Difference Between a Janitorial Service and an Office Cleaning Company?

cleaningEveryone knows that commercial hard floor care and janitorial cleaning are crucial for maintaining any facility; however, there are differences between a janitorial service and an office cleaning service. Commercial office or hard floor cleaning includes the tasks that periodically should be adhered while janitorial cleaning includes regular duties.

Understanding the difference between a janitorial service and an office cleaning company will help you make informed choices for maintaining a commercial facility. Depending on the type of business you own can determine the range of cleaning services you need.

Here are the things to know about these two services:

Janitorial Services

Janitorial cleaning services often include small but regular tasks, ensuring your restrooms are cleaned and well-maintained. It is a part of commercial office cleaning; however, every service providing commercial office cleaning may not provide janitorial cleaning.

Typically, these services include:

  • Restroom cleaning
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Sweeping hard surface floors
  • Sanitizing certain areas

Depending on the foot traffic on your premises, you can typically schedule a bi-weekly or daily cleaning of the janitorial area. Further, we recommend cleaning your restrooms regularly to avoid any hygiene issues inside the office premises. Foot traffic outside your building is the number one carrier of bacteria and germs.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Dedicated commercial hard floor cleaners are available to do heavier cleaning tasks. Typically, it includes deep cleaning of everything inside the office. Therefore, conduct your commercial office cleaning on a routine basis. Having a clean and sanitary space is paramount for the overall health of your employees and customers.

Commercial office cleaning includes:

  • Power washing
  • Commercial hard floor care
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Deep carpet cleaning

So, there are differences between commercial office cleaning and janitorial cleaning. Depending on your needs, you can consult a professional like our Tucson hard floor cleaning service to help you upkeep your commercial facility.


The Benefit of Having Both

The benefit of janitorial and commercial office cleaning is getting a company equipped to handle a range of deep office cleanings, including the restroom and breakroom facilities. Having a commercial cleaning company that understands everything you need can reduce stress and promote a better environment for your workforce.

Furthermore, a professional commercial cleaning company has the right equipment and cleaning agents for varying deep office cleaning tasks. They also use the appropriate methods for sanitizing areas known to collect germs and bacteria. The benefit of having both saves business owners time and money.


Who Can I Contact in Tucson for the Ultimate Commercial Hard Floor Care?

Commercial hard floor care is challenging as it requires the knowledge of the tools and supplies to effectively clean the hard floors without damaging them. So, hiring professionals is considered wise. Southwest Building Maintenance is a recommended commercial hard floor cleaner in Tucson, Arizona.

We offer premium Tucson hard floor cleaning services for commercial facilities. Keep your business premises healthy, clean, and germ-free with our services. Contact us today. We offer janitorial, deep office cleaning, and hard floor cleaning services to commercial businesses in Tucson, Arizona.