Commercial Disinfecting Services

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced disinfecting company in Tucson, Arizona? Trust SBM to disinfect with perfection. Our top-notch services will leave your space sparkling clean and germ-free!

SBM Disinfecting Services

Keeping a property clean, especially a business has always been an important task but have you ever considered getting your office frequently disinfected? The recent pandemic COVID-19 has made everyone realize not only the importance of keeping their space clean but also disinfecting it to keep the viruses and bacteria at bay.

Disinfection is a necessary process to follow if you want to take care of people working on your property. When your space is routinely disinfected, it significantly reduces the likelihood of employees falling sick, adding to your work hours and lack of employee productivity. This can cost a business thousands of dollars in just one week alone.

Utilizing disinfecting services also helps keep your space squeaky clean and maintains a healthy environment overall. At Southwestern Building Maintenance, we are the reputed commercial office cleaning services in Tucson, AZ, and have highly trained professionals that have helped clean and disinfect hundreds of local properties.

Benefits of Choosing SBM Disinfecting Services

Keeping your space clean is the easiest way to keep viruses, diseases, and infections at bay. Using routine disinfestation services is an excellent way to eliminate bacteria and other microelements that can affect your employees and customers. Since many diseases and bacteria are naked to the human eye, they can be anywhere humans go.

Keeping your office environment is key to reducing the spread of infectious diseases and germs. Some of the most common spots for high levels of invisible agents are on hard surfaces in office kitchens and public bathrooms, albeit desks, windows, and door handles can be worse than let’s say a toilet seat.

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Why You Should Never Neglect the Disinfection Process?

Some believe routine disinfection services are an unwanted expense but the opposite is true. You can attract increased healthcare costs and higher absenteeism if people working in your space start falling ill because of an unhygienic space. This can end of cost a company money and even customers if they are short-handed for the day.

An unsanitary and unhygienic place can never foster employee productivity. In fact, it can lead to increased feelings of discomfort which eventually affect the work quality. The best way to help employees make the most of their work routine is by providing them with a sanitary and properly disinfected workspace. 

Therefore, if your space hosts numerous people daily, inspecting the space for germs and bacteria becomes mandatory. Here at Southwestern Building Maintenance, our team is well-equipped to identify places requiring professional disinfecting services and provide the best service. When you deploy Southwest Building Maintenance’s disinfecting services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Prevent the Spread of Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses

You should disinfect your property every month, especially if the space experiences high foot traffic. When many people touch the same doorknobs, keyboards, countertops, desks, and other equipment, the chances of encountering an infection or disease can increase, causing many to become sick and miss work. 

At Southwestern Building Maintenance, our disinfecting service ensures every corner and item in your office space is free of germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microelements to help you maintain a healthy workplace environment.

 Protect Your Business Reputation

Surprisingly, a clean, bacteria-free space can help you earn praise and build an unshakable reputation. When you start routinely disinfecting your space, people working there realize you care for their health and are more inclined to return. This can lead to repeat business and happy customers or even workers.

Well-clean spaces that are often disinfected not only look good but also smell good. This is the reason why people visiting your property can easily sense it, resulting in a positive and lasting first impression. If people feel safe in your place of business and know it’s clean, they are more apt to come back.

 Reduces Absenteeism

A compelling reason to invest in our disinfecting services is lowering absenteeism. By thoroughly cleaning the property and keeping it disinfected, you can significantly reduce absenteeism primarily caused due to illness, eventually helping improve productivity and lower healthcare costs.

We have an incredible team of exceptionally talented and well-trained professionals that have cleaned hundreds of different property types. Since we only use top-grade cleaning and disinfecting materials, you can expect to get high-end results.

Enjoy the Benefits of Premium Disinfecting Services with SBM

Southwestern Building Maintenance is a commercial janitorial company known for its quality service and professionalism. We are a professional janitorial service provider in AZ offering top-notch disinfecting services with other cleaning services such as pressure washing, day porter, hard floor care, and commercial window cleaning.

Our disinfecting services are aimed at eliminating bacteria, viruses, germs, and other microelements to prevent your space from turning into a disease-attracting environment. If you have any questions about our disinfecting services, process, estimated project cost, and other aspects, contact us today for more information.