Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Searching for a commercial hard floor cleaning service in Tucson, Arizona? SBM provides you with affordable hard floor cleaning services in Tucson, Arizona that will restore the sparkle and shine of your floors!

SBM Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Southwestern Building Maintenance Cleaning Services is a specialist at recognizing and implementing a relevant plan for your commercial floors. Regardless what kind of flooring you have introduced, after some time it will begin to lose its shine and sparkle.
Reliable, consistent floor upkeep is important to safeguard all hard floor finishes. Every one of our floor care services accompanies a 100% guarantee that your floors will be cleaned to your standards.
The initial phase in prolonging the life span for your floors is to understand what the floor manufacturers prescribed cleaning recommendations are. We will guarantee that the appropriate floor cleaning gear and synthetic substances are utilized with each surface.
Understanding how to expel dirt from high foot traffic locations is vital to treating hard surface flooring. With our insight, we also utilize the best floor stripping and waxing items in the business.
Other than the customary mileage, incorrect floor cleaning can likewise cause various issues. Changeless harm can emerge out of scratches, markings, caution completes, and wax development.
Southwestern Building Maintenance Cleaning Services

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Serviced Floor Types

Our commercial floor cleaning services for an assortment of organizations incorporate the following floor types:

  • VCT – Vinyl Composition Tile
  • Hardwood floors
  • Normal stone flooring including granite, marble, and terrazzo
  • Concrete
  • Laminate floors

Floor Care Options

Our most normal commercial floor care and support services bundles include:

  • Floor stripping and floor waxing
  • Machine scrubbing and recoating
  • Spray buffing
  • Burnishing
  • Grout cleaning and sealing
  • Floor cleaning

Commercial hard floor cleaning services are useful for all floor types and ideal for locations with high foot traffic. Hardwood floors, especially need expert care since they wear out easily and need their shine and sparkle maintained regularly. Waxing is an essential component in the maintenance of hardwood and laminate floors.

SBM commercial hard floor cleaning services are designed to restore the former sparkle and shine that floors had when the building was new. Floor cleaning is done with the correct cleaning methods recommended by flooring manufacturers. This promotes the longevity of any floor under our care.

The care of floors covers wood, concrete, laminate and stone flooring. All these require specialized care which is unique to each flooring. The correct cleaning regimen is applied to each floor in order to maintain their cleanliness. Such services may include stripping, waxing, buffing, brightening, and the sealing of cracks and crevices.