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How to Clean and Maintain Commercial Carpets

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Michael Smith

Carpets are the most popular commercial building flooring option for many reasons. To start with, they are good at concealing dirt as compared to options such as tiles. Carpets are also stylish and comfortable, making the perfect choice for businesses.

Carpet cleaner in the officeEven though carpets are good at concealing dirt, it is paramount to clean and maintain commercial carpets. Using the services of carpet cleaning companies is necessary, especially for businesses that are not interested in purchasing commercial carpet cleaning equipment. For companies that are interested in a commercial carpet cleaner, there are many options, including such services as commercial carpet maintenance Tucson and other cities of Arizona can take advantage of.

Read on as we look at the costs and available options when it comes to commercial carpet services.

How Much Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost?

The cost for commercial carpet services varies greatly depending on the commercial carpet services provider. For instance, Stanley Steemer offers their services at $400 per 2000 square meter floor. While this rate is fair, it is quite high for working people and families on a budget.

When shopping for a carpet cleaner, it is recommended to work with more affordable local options. Some of the best local options are five times cheaper than Stanley Steemer. With that in mind, it is also important to pick a cleaner with the necessary commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

Below are some tips that can be used in ensuring that commercial carpets remain clean without spending too much of your hard-earned money.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips

Vacuuming the carpetThe easiest and most efficient way of keeping commercial carpets clean is vacuuming. Most companies use the standard vacuum cleaner to keep the carpet in shape.

There are two main types of commercial carpet cleaning vacuums used by professionals:

  • Dual motors— this commercial carpet cleaner works well in picking up debris and particles from a carpet. It’s the ideal option for a carpet that has not been cleaned for a long time.
  • Rotating brush— this is the best option for loosening soil. It also picks up loose soil much better.

  • Whichever vacuum is used, carpets must be cleaned regularly. If carpets are not cleaned regularly, there’s a good chance that they will start to stink.

    Dealing With Stinking Carpets

    stinky carpetThe downside to staying long without cleaning is that the carpet starts stinking. A stinking carpet is more complicated to clean. Carpet cleaning companies usually charge more when dealing with a stinking carpet. Further, it may take longer to get the carpet clean and may sometimes lead to damages in the long run.

    To avoid a situation where the carpet starts stinking, it’s necessary to use the services of a commercial carpet cleaner. Most commercial carpet cleaning services include regular maintenance checks. These checks are important since they help commercial carpet services providers stop damages before the situation gets out of hand.

    Preventative Carpet Maintenance

    There are many preventive measures that businesses can take to prevent undergoing cost commercial carpet services. Some of the measures recommended by any professional industrial carpet cleaning company include:

  • Vacuuming the facility regularly
  • Drying and vacuuming spills immediately
  • Leaving shoes outside or using protective mats to capture dirt at the door.
    Most of these measures can be handled by commercial carpet services at an affordable cost. However, they can also be done internally.

    Where to Find Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Near Me?

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