Most Common Commercial Cleaning Problems

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 by Michael Smith

Commercial cleaning or commercial hard floor cleaning is critical to any business to upkeep a clean and hygienic work environment throughout the year. Although commercial cleaning services have been working for a long time, their importance has become more validated after the covid-19 pandemic.

In today’s time, cleaning commercial complexes or deep office cleaning is no more an optional matter. Rather, it’s a necessity to make sure people’s health is in safe hands. However, there are a few problems that people often face upon hiring a commercial cleaning company including service quality, lack of training, and professionalism.

When it comes to commercial hard floor cleaning, you may struggle to find the right commercial office cleaners. So, let’s keep on reading to uncover more secrets about commercial cleaning.


What Are Commercial Hard Floors?


Commercial hard floors require special attention from professional cleaners as these are coated with floor wax to protect the floor from debris, dirt, spills, scratches, and excess foot traffic damage. Therefore, commercial hard floor cleaning is not an easy task. Rather, it requires expertise, experience along with the right equipment.

Since hard floors vary in materials such as porcelain, ceramics, vinyl tiles, hardwood, and laminates, it’s important to use the right cleaning agents and methods to get the most out of your commercial hard floors. You can easily ruin a hard floor if you use cleaning agents not designed for it, so always read the general care instructions.

Here are a few tips that Tucson commercial office cleaners use for this type of commercial cleaning work:


  • The first thing to note about commercial hard floor cleaning is that the cleaning regime should always contain light-damp cleaning and dust removal. Do not over-saturate your hard floors with water and soap as this can cause water to seep underneath and cause buckling and separation of your flooring materials.
  • It’s important to clean commercial floors on a regular basis using the right method and equipment. This helps to keep dirt from building up and becoming harder to clean and prevents damage.
  • Some cleaning products are deemed extremely effective for hard floor cleaning. Therefore, these must be used to achieve the desired result. You can always check with the manufacturer of your hard floor to see what they recommend or ask a professional commercial office cleaning company like Southwest Building Maintenence.


These are a few things that professional janitorial services or office cleaning services often consider. However, you must hire the best janitorial services Tucson has to offer to ensure your commercial floor is in safe hands. Many businesses look for commercial office cleaning help for these reasons alone and it actually saves them time and money.


Contact the Best Janitorial Services or Office Cleaning in Tucson


The problem associated with commercial hard floor cleaning is that it requires special attention and equipment from professionals like the best janitorial services Tucson provides to keep the appearance fresh and clean. In addition, this type of flooring requires frequent or daily cleaning as it accumulates dirt within a short period of time.

If you have been searching for professionals for deep office cleaning who will take care of your commercial hard floors, Southwest Building Maintenance is here to help you out. We have been providing our services for several years and hold professional experience in this industry and come highly recommended.

To schedule an appointment or get a free quote on what our cleaning services entail for cleaning hard floors or any other commercial cleaning project, contact us today and see how it easy it is to get the right help and services when you need them the most.