Office Furniture Cleaning: The Complete Guide

Last Updated on September 6, 2022 by Michael Smith

Professional office cleaning Tucson becomes a critical part of keeping your office furniture looking fresh and new while maintaining a high level of first impressions for your customers and even employees who have to work for you and spend a good part of their day in your company’s office environment.

Let’s face it, no commercial office is perfect and accidents and spills can and do happen. Unfortunately, many times these spills from coffee and food like jelly-filled donuts end up on your commercial office chairs with plush cloth and comfy seating. Therefore, dealing with these stains becomes paramount before the stains set in.

To learn more about the best commercial office cleaning Tucson, AZ business known as Southwest Building Maintenance and the complete guide to office furniture cleaning, get your Pledge, dust cloths out, and keep reading.

What is Commercial Office Cleaning in Tucson, AZ?


Commercial office cleaning Tucson, AZ are businesses that focus on the cleaning of commercial office furniture and deep cleaning upholstery such as Southwest Building Maintenance. Routine office cleaning in Tucson can be conducted and scheduled as much or little as you wish and be called in emergency situations for fast service.

However, there are also some DIY tips that you and your employees can use to clean commercial office chairs and other types of fabrics before stains take effect, causing damage to your investments, and becoming an eyesore.


4 DIY Tips for Office Cleaning Tucson


There are many different types of commercial office furniture; therefore, there are several different ways and products to clean your office furniture. You can use the four tips below for cleaning chairs and other office furniture or you can call the best office cleaners in Tucson, Arizona, Southwest Building Maintenance.

Here are four DIY tips for cleaning commercial office furniture:

  1. When cleaning your commercial office chairs with cleaning products, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Read the instructions for the cleaning products for the proper use and the type of furniture to be cleaned.
  3. Always start cleaning with a test area in an inconspicuous area before you clean the rest of the office furniture.
  4. For accidents and stains, you should presoak the stain with warm water and mild dish detergent before the stain sets in and becomes harder to remove.

For routine office cleaning Tucson, contact Southwest Building Maintenance to keep your furniture looking new and fresh.


Benefits of Commercial Office Cleaning Tucson


One of the biggest benefits of using professional office cleaners in Tucson is preserving your investments. Commercial office chairs can cost between $100-$300 per chair depending on the quality of the wood, steel, and upholstery. Once an office chair becomes stained, it’s no longer good for your customers and becomes an eyesore.

Expert office cleaners will keep your chairs, end tables, desks, and other office furniture looking like new and create a pleasant space for your walk-in customers. It provides your business with a good first impression and offers your patron a comfortable place to sit while they wait for your services. They also help your workers feel comfortable and relaxed.


Hiring Commercial Office Cleaning Tucson, AZ


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Hiring professional office cleaners in Tucson, Arizona is as easy as calling Southwest Building Maintenance or clicking here to fill out our online contact form. We provide the best office cleaners in Tucson and surrounding areas with friendly attitudes and smiles. Schedule a routine office cleaning today with SBM and see the difference.

Get expert cleaning for commercial office chairs and furniture that keeps your investments looking like brand new and creates a pleasant work environment for your employees and customers.