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Restaurant Cleaning Services in Tucson Arizona

Last Updated on March 24, 2022 by Michael Smith

There are many reasons why restaurants should consider commercial floor cleaning services. With that said, restaurants are a public space and germs and bacteria can land on the floors in a number of ways such as being carried in on footwear, dirty napkins, and food particles that get accidentally dropped.

Restaurants are high-traffic areas and need to be kept clean at all times to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. One greasy spot on a hardwood or ceramic tile floor can be a lawsuit waiting to happen; therefore, experts in the food service industry, recommend using a commercial hard floor cleaning company Tucson AZ.

To learn more about the benefit of using professional janitorial services to clean your restaurant floors regardless of flooring materials, continue reading this menu.

What Are Janitorial Services for Commercial Floor Cleaning?

commercial floor cleaning Since most restaurants have hard floors such as ceramic tiles, VCT tiles, hardwood, concrete, laminates, composites, and even expensive carpets, they require professional restaurant cleaning services like Southwest Building Maintenance in Tucson, Arizona that has all of expert training and experience in cleaning restaurants.

Foot traffic alone can create a host of problems such as cross-contamination from the entrance to the seating areas, kitchen, and back door where commodities and trash are typically transported outside to waste receptacles. Commercial kitchens are known for generating carbon, grime, and grease.

This is where hiring a commercial hard floor cleaning company Tucson, AZ professional can be a blessing for restaurant owners who do not have the time to properly clean their floors and other surfaces such as windows, doors, offices, breakrooms, and bathrooms.

Why is Disinfection Important for Restaurant Floors?

With the recent pandemic of COVID-19, restaurants have taken on new cleaning protocols with some state mandated and others under the scrutiny of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as city inspectors for safety of customers and personnel.

Below are some key reasons for hard floor cleaning in commercial buildings:

Prevent Viruses

prevent viruses The possibilities for viruses like COVID-19 and other transmittable bacteria can easily land on surfaces; therefore, people and waitstaff can become infected from touching those surfaces when they touch their eyes, mouth, or nose. Expert janitorial services can reduce and lower these viruses considerably and make your restaurant more safe.

Stop the Spread of Diseases

Restaurant cleaning is the best way to help prevent the spread of viruses and infections from surfaces like tables, countertops, and floors. It is also a state law for employees in the food service industry to regularly wash their hands with soap and hot water or utilize alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents

Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents Commercial floor cleaning can greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents by thoroughly cleaning your floors and doing a final inspection, ensuring all grease and food particles are removed from the surface of your floors. Professional janitorial services like Southwest Building Maintenance will take care of this for you.

Slip and fall accidents can drive your insurance rates through the high ceilings and add a tremendous amount of stress for business owners, especially when someone is really hurt and suffering with pain and injuries. This can lead to a number of court dates and personal injury claims awarded by both the state and district court.

Longevity of Commercial Flooring

It is no surprise with the cost of building material today coupled by a soring economy that flooring material and installation service are not cheap. Hiring expert janitorial services experienced in soft and hard floor cleaning can save restaurant owners thousands of dollars and cost down-time during the replacement process.

Having your floors professionally clean not only makes them look good for your customer but it also increases the longevity of your investments. When compared to the cost of installing a new floor combined with the expense of removal of the damaged floor and materials selected, commercial floor cleaning is more cost-effective.

As you can see from the reasons above, commercial hard floor cleaning company Tucson, AZ services at Southwest Building Maintenance are the most recommended in the state. Having clean floors in any restaurant is an essential part of the business.

Hiring a Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Company Tucson, AZ

hard floor cleaning service Hiring a restaurant cleaning service like Southwest Building Maintenance generally starts by making an inquiry and site visit to access your cleaning needs. We can schedule an appointment that best works around the time you have available. A professional and free estimate can be given on site and we can start today.

When it comes to professional janitorial services in Tucson, Arizona, no one outperforms our professional hard floor cleaning and restaurant services. To see the difference that expert commercial floor cleaning has for restaurants in Tucson, call us today or fill out our business contact form.