Should You Clean With Bleach?

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Michael Smith

Nowadays with the hustle and bustle of the office environment combined with normal and crazy everyday life, it seems like everyone is a pro at cleaning office spaces with disinfection agents such as bleach but is it the safest chemical to use around human beings? Not according to professionals like Southwest Building Maintenance.


While there may be several apparent reasons why bleach may be a fast and viable cleaning solution, it’s anything but practical and safe for humans to breathe without proper respiratory protections such as 3Ms face masks with HEPA filtration cartridges, eliminating 99.99% of airborne contaminants and harmful micro toxins.


To discover more about the dangers of office deep cleanings with bleach and the benefits of using less evasive disinfectants by hiring an expert at commercial cleaning Tuscon office environments, keep reading.


Why is Bleach Dangerous?


To better understand why bleach is dangerous, it’s best if we take a better look at bleach itself and the health risk it poses if used improperly. Although bleach is used in hospitals and restaurants for office deep cleanings, it’s not the best solution for commercial cleaning Tuscon offices.

To begin, bleach is both a stain remover and disinfectant that works by oxidization.


Here’s how both methods work:


Bleach as a Disinfectant

Bleach is known to kill bacteria by destroying the protein’s shape and attacking its proteins. The driving force of this robust cleaning power comes from a chlorine compound called sodium hypochlorite. When mixed with water, bleach becomes hypochlorous acid that changes the chemical composition, making it dangerous.


In reality, the acid changes the shapes of organic proteins that are comprised of amino acids, resulting in ineffective commercial deep cleaners used to prevent bacteria. Moreover, any microbe that has been exposed to denatured proteins quickly dies in this world and doesn’t last but a few minutes when exposed to air and surfaces.


Bleach as a Stain Remover

When used as a stain remover, bleach becomes an oxidizing agent that works by breaking down the chemical bonds called the chromophore or the responsible atoms for its color. It’s not the best agent for commercial office cleaners who are trying to kill germs and bacteria from hard surfaces like desks and countertops in office kitchens.

Further, it changes the molecules so much that it is made into a different substance that doesn’t contain chromophores that don’t absorb visible light. Additionally, it also makes the staining agent ineffective at lifting and removing stains from surfaces and fabrics and can be a serious health problem for your employees if exposed to it during deep cleaning of offices.

Those are the two ways in which bleach works as both a stain remover and disinfectant via oxidization.


Why Bleach is Considered Unsafe for Office Deep Cleaning


Broadly speaking, commercial cleaning Tucson is much different from your everyday run-of-the-mill office setting in a medical building. One key indicator is that chlorine bleach is one of the main disinfectants used to sanitize hard surfaces in health care facilities but is subjected to strict protocols in compliance with OSHA and CDC guidelines.

A liberal, loose, and fast use of bleach can pose a serious health risk in your commercial office workplace because bleach is caustic, meaning it’s not the best cleaning agent for general deep cleaning of offices or commercial janitorial facilities such as schools, nursing homes, and sanitariums.


Is Bleach Safe for Adults and Children?

Exposure to high amounts of bleach can be very toxic and even deadly for adults and children, especially if accidentally swallowed. This is due to the active ingredient in bleach known as sodium hypochlorite which is a wicked caustic and corrosive agent known to cause damage to your lungs, eyes, and skin. The rhetorical answer is no.


How to Avoid Cleaning Your Office With Bleach


The best way to avoid cleaning your office with bleach is not to use it and deploy a professional commercial cleaning Tucson company in Arizona such as Southwest Building Maintenance for office deep cleanings without the use of bleach. Rather, we use all-natural and safe disinfects and cleaning agents that do not hurt people.

Our expert commercial deep cleaners can work around your busy schedule or in your daily routine without any distractions or interruptions from our professional and friendly office cleaners that are verified and background checked, ensuring both client and customer safety and peace of mind.


If you need a clean office environment for you and your employees, and customers, then you need our expert help and assistance. For more information about scheduling a commercial cleaning Tucson time for your office, call us today or click here to fill out our online contact form.