Steam Cleaning VS Hot Water Extraction: What’s the Difference?

Last Updated on July 17, 2023 by Michael Smith

Cleaning commercial carpets isn’t an easy task. It takes high-quality equipment and knowledge of cleaning procedures to get an effective cleaning like professional carpet cleaners do. There are a couple of different procedures used when cleaning a carpet or rug such as steam cleaning and hot water extraction.

Although both procedures are helpful in cleaning deep stains that your commercial carpet suffers daily, there are still differences between them. The two methods of cleaning commercial carpets use different cleaning solutions along with water temperatures.

Let’s learn some more by reading while discussing the differences between steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods often used for carpet or rug cleaning by professionals such as Southwest Building Maintenance.


What is Steam Cleaning?

steam cleaning commercial carpetSteam cleaning is an important part of cleaning commercial carpets. Professionals like our commercial carpet maintenance Tucson service often uses this method to remove all the dirt and kill allergens and germs. In steam cleaning, you don’t need any cleaning agents for the entire cleaning process.

In general, professional carpet cleaners heat the water at a very high-temperature setting which further converts the water to steam. Then, this steam is inserted through all the carpet fibers until it safely reaches the base of the carpet. Once the steam is inserted, it helps to loosen up all of the fibers and kill the allergens.

Further, most professionals that own a commercial carpet maintenance Tucson service use a high-grade vacuum to remove all the germs and dirt from your carpet. It takes nearly four to twelve hours of time for the carpet to dry completely, depending on the length and material of the carpet.


What is Hot Water Extraction?

When it comes to deep office cleaning, hot water extraction is an effective method that helps to remove all the filth from your carpet. Basically, with this type of cleaning method, professionals such as our Tucson rug cleaners make the water close to boiling but it should still be in liquid form.

Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaningOnce the water is heated, a cleaning agent is mixed with it. Then, professionals drive this solution into the carpet using high pressure. Therefore, it eliminates all the microorganisms and dismantles all the stains from your carpet. Lastly, commercial carpet maintenance Tucson services use a suction machine to finish the job.


What is the Difference Between These Two Methods?

Before cleaning commercial carpets, it’s important to understand the primary differences between these two cleaning methods to get your carpet effectively cleaned. The primary difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning is basically the temperature setting used in both processes.

In steam cleaning, the temperature should be high enough to convert the water into gas form. However, for professional commercial office cleaning, steam cleaning may help reduce allergens and kill germs but it isn’t effective in terms of removing soil and deep stains.


How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Carpet cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most essential tasks that needs to be done to avoid creating an unhygienic indoor environment. Still, with so many cleaning methods available, it often gets confusing for commercial or residential owners to choose the best method to get significant results.

Here are a few ways you can decide which cleaning method you should use for your carpet:

  • Understand the fibers of your carpet. Depending on the materials, opt for the ideal cleaning method. You should also inspect the thickness and height of the pile of your carpets.
  • If there are a lot of allergens and bacteria remaining on your carpet, steam cleaning would be ideal. If you have a business or residence with pets like dogs and cats, then this option would make perfect sense.
  • Additionally, hot water extraction would be the best choice if there are a lot of stains on your carpet. Deep stains like grape juice and Kool-Aid can be a nightmare to clean and this application does a great job of removing the stains.

Above are just a few things to remember while choosing the best carpet cleaning method. It should help you choose the right method suitable for your own carpet or you can seek professional assistance.


Where to Get Expert Commercial Carpet Maintenance Tucson?


Cleaning commercial carpets takes a lot of knowledge and equipment to get significant results. For commercial owners, it isn’t necessary to buy all the high-grade equipment to conduct efficient carpet cleaning. Rather, there are commercial carpet maintenance Tucson services such as ours that take care of everything.

From cleaning commercial carpets to deep office cleaning, at Southwestern Building Maintenance, we cover it all. To know more about our prices for commercial carpet cleaning or other residential services, drop us a message and our representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible, or call us at 520-790-6200.