Traits of a Good Janitor

Traits of a Good Janitor

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 by Michael Smith

What does it take to become a good janitor and build a professional career? Knowing how to do your job and being responsible is surely the best way to get through, but there are many other skills to consider and embrace. From attention to detail and proactivity to reliability and punctuality, you can become great at your job.

Your Guide to Good Janitor Professional Traits  SBM AZ
Providing janitorial cleaning service requires continuous learning, embracing eco-friendly practices while also being in great physical condition. Even though it seems like a simple job, you need to develop problem-solving skills. Here is what else you need to possess.

Attention to Details8

No matter what they clean, a great janitor won’t ever miss a spot. Inspect each corner carefully to ensure every surface is properly cleaned. Stick to your job description and tasks, but always give a little more than that to ensure every property you clean is perfectly neat.

Strong Work Ethic

Being a janitor requires physical preparation, as you deal with trash cans, buckets full of water, cleaning products, and moving furniture around. You must maintain a really strong work ethic and dedication so you can handle these tasks effectively. 

Communication Skills

Janitors mostly work independently yet still must communicate with their coworkers, managers, and supervisors. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or suggest improvements when needed. Report the issues on time so you can deal with them accordingly. Communicate openly and clearly, no matter the challenge you face. 

Safety Awareness

Janitorial jobs are sometimes risky, as cleaning products can be hazardous. Good janitors prioritize safety by wearing appropriate clothes and following the given procedures. Protective equipment is a must, especially if you work with harsh chemicals. 

Reliable and Punctual

A reliable and punctual janitor always gets the job done on time. It doesn’t only require being quick in what you do. Be precise and punctual, always show up on time, and be prepared even for some challenging tasks because that’s what good janitors do.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Janitorial schedules can be completely full, and they can still receive more requests for cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes, unexpected situations arise, so being adaptable means a lot. A good janitor is flexible enough to embrace the challenges while being paid for them accordingly.

Problem-Solving Skills

Janitors often encounter unexpected situations, so approaching them properly is a must. No matter if it’s a stain or piles of dirt, your way of thinking can make the whole situation easier. Just activate your problem-solving skills and decide what’s the best way to deal with it. 

Be Organized

Keep all the cleaning products and equipment properly and organized. Clean them after each use, and store the products properly. This way, you save plenty of time, as you don’t have to think about where the mop is or if the cleaning product bottle is empty. 

Learn and Improve

Even a janitorial job requires dedication and learning. You can always adapt new skills and practices while getting better at what you do. Stay informed and embrace the courses and seminars your employer offers so you can improve your skills.


Being discreet is essential, especially when working for a cleaning agency. You’ll get various tasks, sometimes even private cleaning arrangements. Be responsible with the information you have, and maintain trustworthiness. Deal with the confidential information professionally, and don’t discuss any client’s private matters with your coworkers. 

What it Takes to Be a Great Janitor?

Besides all the mentioned traits, you should also maintain a positive attitude. This job is not easy, and some work situations are heavy to digest. Anyway, it’s a great job for those who want to keep the surroundings clean and well-maintained. So, if you have these traits, you can contact us and learn how to become a part of our team – your traits and skills will be highly appreciated.