What You Need to Know About Commercial Disinfecting Services

Last Updated on April 11, 2023 by Michael Smith

Commercial cleaning and disinfecting are essential to every business operating in today’s time in the post-pandemic era. Earlier, people used to rely on commercial janitorial disinfection services only for cleaning their bathrooms and kitchens while conducting deep cleaning of the entire building once under one cleaning plan.

Recent reports show that there’s approximately a 75% increase in the overall demand for commercial office cleaners, especially when businesses start to operate in the post-pandemic era. It’s because everyone has realized that making employees’ safety and health their top priority should be their primary focus to gain customers’ trust.

To know more about what exactly you need to do to maintain the highest level of appearance in a commercial building and how professionals like Tucson office cleaners at Southwest Building Maintenance can help in the process, let’s continue reading.


What Are Day Porter Services?


Day porter services are responsible for ensuring that your commercial building looks clean, professional, inviting, and presentable at all times. Generally, they operate discreetly without interrupting the company’s day-to-day operation but make sure that everything is well taken care of up to your standards.

Commercial buildings are subject to a parade of heavy foot traffic from customers and pedestrians walking inside your office to your employees and other vendors that frequent your commercial space. Therefore, having your office kept clean and tidy is key for having a lasting impression on your visitors and staff.

The duties and responsibilities of day porter services include:


  • They conduct deep office cleaning and keep the lobbies clean.
  • Professionals restock all the bathroom supplies whenever necessary.
  • They clean and prepare all the conference rooms before and after meetings.
  • In addition, all the common areas like cafeterias, kitchens, and patios are cleaned by professional day porter cleaning services.


There are several benefits to having a clean office and workspace as germs and bacteria can spread like wildfire if not properly disinfected and cleaned on a routine basis. By deploying day porter services from a well-known company such as Southwest Building Maintenance in Tucson, you can keep your office looking clean and healthy.


Do They Offer Janitorial Disinfection Services?

Generally, professionals offer a thorough cleaning of your commercial property including the janitorial area. Therefore, janitorial disinfection services are certainly covered by a day porter service provider. They know exactly what your facility requires and equip themselves with ideal cleaning equipment and supplies to offer the best results.

However, not all these day porter service providers can be trusted. Some are operating in the market to make a fool out of people. So, it’s best to always question and research before partnering with any cleaning service provider to gain the best advantages. One of the best ways is to use Southwest Building Maintenance.


Do You Need the Best Day Porter Services in Tucson?


If you are looking for professional janitorial disinfection services, Southwest Building Maintenance is here to help you out. We have been providing commercial cleaning services for several years and hold a thorough experience in this industry. We offer the best rates with high-end customer service and guarantee all of our work.

To know more about what is included in our janitorial disinfection services or to get more details about our day porter services, feel free to call us or fill out our contact form. We can give you an assessment over the phone or send a representative to your commercial building and give you a comprehensive pricing model for our services.

Southwest Building Maintenance is a leader in the cleaning of the commercial building industry and comes fully certified and insured with a positive track record for providing the best day porter services in Tucson, Arizona.